April 30, 2011

Scratch 2011-”Perfect Circumstance”

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“Perfect Circumstance” was inspired by The Song Game, a group of songwriters that challenged each other to write a song containing the phrase “perfect circumstance”.

*This is a self-made recording (demo)…i.e. it ain’t perfect folks, that’s the beauty of Scratch. The song from my bedroom to yours.


Everything’s almost in place,
She’s straightening her costume, powdering her face,
The letter is taped to the door where he used to sleep.

Jackson has plenty of food in his bowl,
The bills have been gathered, counted and paid,
It’s 73 degrees outside,
What a perfect day to slip away.

All the ducks are in line,
They plucked out their feathers one at a time,
Now the water has started to boil,
Such an easy crime.

Down the stairs in the garage,
A 61 convertible baby blue dodge,
She knows its the simplest chance,
The perfect circumstance.

So she turns the key,
Shuts her eyes to dream,

Track Credits:
Recorded by AB in her little living room, 4/29/11, 11:28pm
at the Morning Dove on Goat Hill, Austin, TX.
Instruments include: Guitar, Bells, Mexican Whistles, Yin Yang Metal Bell Balls, Vocal Chords, and Packaging Tape.


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