• Released: 01 March 2013
  • Format: CD
  • Produced by: Brian Beattie & Aimee Bobruk

All songs written by Aimee Bobruk except “Two of a Kind” written by Aimee Bobruk & Jon Notarthomas

Produced by Brian Beattie & Aimee Bobruk
Engineered & Mixed by Brian Beattie at The Wonder Chamber, Austin, TX
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
released 01 March 2013
Aimee Bobruk: Vox, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, BU Vox, Whistles, Bells, Toys, Claps
Brian Beattie: Bass, Guitars, Keys, Ambience, Porta Cello, Toys, Percussion, BU Vox on “A Day in the Life” & “Goodbyee”
Dony Wynn: Percussion, Drums
Kullen Fuchs: Horns, Autoharp “Two of a Kind,” “Trigger Finger,” “Self Sabotage,” and “Goodbyee”
Craig Ross: Electric Guitar “Self Sabotage”
Jon Notarthomas: Electric Guitar, Music Box “A Day in the Life” & “Secret”
Gary Newcomb: Pedal Steel “Do You Remember,” Is There Nothing”
Matt Kinsey: Electric Guitar “Do You Remember”
Roberto Riggio: Violin “Perfect Circumstance”
Erin Bobruk Foltz: BU Vox “Desert Bloom”
Danny Malone, Ramona Beattie & Finley Rose Sexton: BU Vox “A Day in the Life”

Holly Bronko: Photography & Art Design

Special Thanks to Toni Bobruk, Brian Aiken, June Higgins, Alan Schindel, Jon Notarthomas, Laruel Lindahl, Conor Nelson, Rafael Rodgriguez, Andrew Dickens, Jim & Toni Chapin, Harald Becker, Jim Balzaretti, Sean P Kearney, Mark Hardy, Volker-Schramm, Jenny Gillespie, Lynne Fowler, Maria Jose De Prado/Mark/Borja & Bosco, Jess/Eamon & Erin Bobruk Foltz, Joan Howey, Gordon Campbell, Andrew Long, Curt Woolhiser, and all the supporters who donated generously to make this album possible through kickstarter.com