Aimee Bobruk avoids the obvious.
— American Songwriter

/ba.'brook/ Biography

Aimee Bobruk is an independent musician, songwriter, and topliner based in Austin, TX & Copenhagen, Denmark.

This needs some polka dots and this needs a broad stroke of blue…

"Frankly, I’ve read many horribly shallow bios with empty phrases like 'she’s a force to be reckoned with,' that leave me feeling the victim of a bad sales scheme.” 

So Bobruk, a Huntsville Texan native and Austin-based songwriter, hands the task of writing her biography to a Dane who doesn’t really speak the language. The fact that her solution to avoiding music clichés was to hire someone with a rusty command of the English language is also worth mentioning because it sheds light on her own – very unconventional – approach to writing music. Also a bit of a challenge: Bobruk likes creating music much more than talking about it.

Santa Claus and The Beattie...

On her new album /ba.'brook/, Bobruk chooses to collaborate with producer/bassist Brian Beattie and drummer Dony Wynn; two musicians whose perspectives to music-making are refreashingly untraditional, to put it simply.

”The Beattie” hails from Austin's avant-garde punk rock band Glass Eye and has produced albums for Daniel Johnston, Okkervil River, Bill Callahan and Shearwater.  Wynn, who Bobruk refers to as ’The Santa Claus of Percussion’, has worked with such artists as Robert Plant and Robert Palmer and is known for building his drumkits out of everything from a banana peel to a filing cabinate.

It starts with a picture…

Paintings, cartoons, and old silent movies have been essential to Bobruk in making /ba.’brook/.

”When I hear music, I see pictures and the other way around. So naturally, when I write songs it starts with me trying to set an image to words and sound. I guess you can say I’m more inspired by Chagall and Chaplin than by the great composers.”  This is Bobruk‘s artistic language. As told to Beattie in the studio, ”This needs some polka dots and this needs a broad stroke of blue”.

The album’s signature vocal collages, which in some songs resemble early Disney or Looney Tunes-esque singing flowers, are the result of her ability to blend art and language.

So it is that Bobruk sound paints on /ba.'brook/, evident even in the name of this self-titled release, a phonetic rendition of her last name.



  • "Top Indie Album" by Texas Music magazine, /ba.’brook/ 2014
  • Four releases: /ba.’brook/ (LP, 2013); Hero, Bones and Ash (Single, 2010); The Safety Match Journal (LP, 2008); and Small Town Girl (EP, 2003).
  • Bobruk’s voice and melody are featured in the Swedish film, Småstad (2017).
  • Eurovison's Melodifestivalen Songwriter representing Sweden with co-write “Black Swan” in 2015 (selected from over 2,000 songs to compete in competition). 
  • Spellemann Norwegian Grammy Nomination for “Let the Ribbons Fly” (Claudia Scott, 2016).
  • German Grammy Nomination for cowrite “Easy Heart” (Jens Lysdal, 2014)
  • Co-wrote Top 20 Danish hit by Hush, “It’s About Love” (2012)
  • Ambassador to The House of Songs for BurnSong (2011) writing political songs for a performance at the Scottish parliament.   
  • Winner of the Mountain Town Stages Songwriting Contest & opener for Dr. John (2008).
  • Collaborations on over 20 international singles including 6 title tracks.
  • Original songs featured in films: Småstad , Windsor, and Team Everest A Himalayan Journey
  • Appearances with Dr. John, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Ian McLagan, Freedy Johnston, Butch Hancock, Robert Harrison (of Cotton Mather & Future Clouds and Radar), and Alejandro Escovedo.