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Intriguing and decidedly unconventional modern pop from Austin, Texas-based artist Aimee Bobruk. But if you're thinking unconventional means unlistenable, think again. Although Ms. Bobruk's music is ultimately creative and unique, it is also extremely accessible and easy on the mind and ears. On the curiously titled /ba.'brook/, Aimee collaborates with producer/bass player Brian Beattie and drummer Dony Wynn...and the resulting sound is...spectacular. Brobruk's songs are smart, melodic, slightly whimsical, and they have magical staying powers that will keep spinning in your head days later. It's difficult coming up with possible influences and/or comparisons here...but we can hear slight traces that remind us of other artists like Georgia Fields,Butterfly Bouche, Kate Bush, Lisa Germano, and even Mary Hopkin at times. This is a brilliant album that will immediately be embraced by pop fans around the world. Twelve totally incredible tracks including "A Day In The Life," "Do You Remember" (an incredibly beautiful tune), "Secret," and "Desert Bloom." The disc is housed in a great cardboard foldout sleeve complete with foldout poster/lyric sheet. Very cool in every way possible... Highly recommended.

Aimee Bobruk